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The Center for Advanced Medicine
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The Center for Advanced Medicine is an innovative cancer treatment facility located in Alpharetta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. The Center is a leader in integrative oncology, providing personalized cancer care to patients from around the world who seek alternative treatment approaches.

The Center for Advanced Medicine’s integrative approach combines aspects of modern medicine and natural therapies for what is truly a “best of both worlds” approach. These therapies seek to balance safety and effectiveness while being tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

The practice believes that neither a completely conventional nor a completely natural approach to cancer treatment is optimal. For patients who seek a truly integrative approach, combining low dose chemotherapy, off-label pharmaceuticals, IV vitamin C, nutrition, and supplementation, The Center for Advanced Medicine is likely to be a great fit. For those who only want to treat their cancer naturally, the Center recommends that prospective patients seek care at other clinics.

Dr. Stegall believes that the doctor-patient relationship is sacred, and seeks to form a strong bond with his patients. When becoming a patient at The Center for Advanced Medicine, you truly become part of a family who will love and support you through your journey.

Dr. Jonathan Stegall


Dr. Jonathan Stegall has a true passion for providing the best cancer care for his patients. He practices integrative oncology, which involves combining the best of modern medicine with natural therapies. Dr. Stegall has studied at Clemson, Georgetown, Harvard, the Medical University of South Carolina, and Yale.

Some details about The Center for Advanced Medicine:

  • The clinic’s treatment program is four weeks in length, and requires being present in their Atlanta-area facility each weekday for the twelve weeks.
  • The cost of the program includes all treatments, including lab testing and supplements, for the duration of the twelve weeks.
  • Lodging is not included as part of the program cost, however the clinic does have an agreement with a nearby extended-stay hotel who offers reduced rates for patients.
  • The Center for Advanced Medicine is not in-network with any insurance company, and does not file insurance.
  • The clinic can recommend a third party biller to assist you should you decide to file for insurance reimbursement. Medicare and Medicaid plans will not provide any coverage for treatments here. Those who have out-of-network benefits might get some reimbursement, but the extent of this coverage is based on your specific plan and the general recommendation is to assume that little to no reimbursement will occur.

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